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The highly occurred accident at home is slip-accident in bathroom, and it is easy to suffer from in-house slipping accidents whether they have children and the old or not. In addition, it is also big problems of slipping-accidents in kitchen, bathroom, and pool.
According to reports, 80% of accidents occurred in bathroom and public bath are caused by slipping. So if we leave it without any measures, it may result in another accident.
US / Canada
- 30% out of total accidents are official related to slipping
- 55% out of the forties has experienced slipping accident
- It is occurred more 2 millions accident of slipping in every year
-It is about daily 5,000 to visit hospital for slipping
-It is about 5 children to die for slipping
-It is about 35% that the accident for slipping out of children's accidents
By those reasons, it is thought that "FLOOR SLIP-STOP" can diminish the medical fee and compensation cost and help to your domestic economy and safety in house. In addition, it may prevent accidents occurred in hotel, motel, commercial building and public building.
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