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Product InformationLeading edge FLOOR SLIP-STOP

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1. We are a unique professional venture company in Korea which has been developing every kind of anti-slip products (acquired Korean Patent and PCT) and exporting them more than 25 countries.

Worldwide Distributors

2. When England public institution, which has the strictest regulations for slip-protection treatment in the world, did test of various products' performance, it was proved to have top-quality that our products (See opinion from England).

3. It gives satisfactions to customers who did not be satisfied with any other products (Including imported goods).

4. Customers can effectively maintain floors not to slippery since it is supported to give figures for slip-protection effects.

5. It is easy to use. It can be used in all type floors (plastic, bathtub, epoxy, paint, metal, tile, marble, natural granite) by two types of goods (tread by etching and transparent coating). It is all to call to KMG for slip-stop agents.