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Product InformationLeading edge FLOOR SLIP-STOP

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Leading-edge antislip treatment for floor transparent "COATING SLIP-STOP SOFT"


It is common to hurt by sliding on slippery floors to give various safety accidents. This "COATING SLIP-STOP SOFT", developed from leading-edge, may easily and cheaply protect these accidents.
Applicable to all kinds of floorings like plastic, rubber, glass, metal, wood, tile, stone, etc.

Maintainable existing color and pattern of floorings with transparent coating.

Environmentally friendly product.

Cost saving, long lasting, hygienic to compare with antislip tapes.

Excellent effect of antislip.

ColorlessLight YellowLight Brwon
Applicable Material of Floor
bathtub, glass, metal, plastic, epoxy, tile, marble, granite, concrete and terrazzo, steel etc.
Typical Application
bathroom, hotel, hospital, school, building, restaurant, kitchen, shopping center, health club, asylum , kindergarten, swimming pool, public buildings, air port, factory, library, vessel, etc.
Application Method
1.Clean out the floor thoroughly with clean water and detergents(if the floor is not even or in case of concrete and cement, first coat the floor with epoxy primer).
2.As necessary, wipe the floor once again with cleaning liquid and make it dried.
3.Tape the boundary lines.
4.Mix base material A and hardener B well with a stick.
5.Pour the mixed material into a plastic tray, put roller in the tray, roll it several times in the tray and apply on the floor evenly.
6.Remove the tape just after finishing the coating. Do not step in the floor and keep it dry.
7.Use after complete dried. Drying time : 6 - 8 hours.
Duration It varies depending on places and situations. About 3 years in case of home bathtub. If you feel it is necessary to apply again, just do it.
Maintenance Routine maintenance and cleaning of the floor to remove dirt, grease, oil or other slippery substances is required. Do not use grinding tools and high abrasion.
Request for Application
Please contact us if you have questions for construction through e-mail, telephone(TEL: 82-41-554-5064), or homepage