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How to Apply
1.Cleaning floors for grease, wax, and dirt using detergent and others. Wipe off waters or dry the floor surfaces.
2.Unscrew spray head, and remove inner packing for liquid spill-proof. Insert straw attached deep into the spray head hole. Then spray head is placed on the bottle and screw tightly.
3.Shake the bottle several times and spray TILE SLIP-STOP evenly over the floor surface and wait for standard time about 3 minutes.
4.Cleaning floor with brush or other means, and flush clean water for 2~3 times, and the application process is complete for effective anti-slip.
Example for Home
Example for Business Places
Products Information
Standard Time for treatment
Standard Time for treatment is about 3 minutes for home bathroom tile, but it may be changed by the materials. So please contact for detailed information.
Standard amount : 180㎖ for each 3.3㎡
5 Years
Periodically clean surface of floors in order to maintain slip-stop effect for a considerable length of time.
Q Mark based on QM Promotion Law
Usage Floor Slip Preventer
Principal Ingredient Surfactant
Acidity Weak acid
Liability Insurance for manufactured goods: 2 hundreds millions
Application Method
1.Clean out the floor thoroughly with clean water and detergents(if the floor is not even or in case of concrete and cement, first coat the floor with epoxy primer).
2.As necessary, wipe the floor once again with cleaning liquid and make it dried.
3.Tape the boundary lines.
4.Mix base material A and hardener B well with a stick.
5.Pour the mixed material into a plastic tray, put roller in the tray, roll it several times in the tray and apply on the floor evenly.
6.Remove the tape just after finishing the coating. Do not step in the floor and keep it dry.
7.Use after complete dried. Drying time : 6 - 8 hours.
Duration It varies depending on places and situations. About 3 years in case of home bathtub. If you feel it is necessary to apply again, just do it.
Maintenance Routine maintenance and cleaning of the floor to remove dirt, grease, oil or other slippery substances is required. Do not use grinding tools and high abrasion.
Application Method
1.Clean out the floor thoroughly with clean water and detergents and make it dry.
2.Tape the boundary lines.
3.If the floor is rough or porous surface like concrete, cement etc., apply epoxy primer and dry it for strong adhesion.
4.Stir the base material A well with a strong stick.
5.Stir hardener B with another stick.
6.Mix the base material A and hardener B well.
7.Divide and put the mixed product on the floor evenly and spread out well with plaster's trowel.
8.If normal rough profile of antislip surface is required, finish the work with only trowel. After removing tapes, use the floor after complete dried.
9.If higher rough irregular profile of antislip surface is required, spread with designated hard roller after the job of plaster's trowel, the above. For the ramps, the direction of rolling is recommended to be across with the direction of vehicles or people. After removing tapes, use the floor after complete dried.
1.The coating jobs should be finished within 20 minutes from mixing to completing the work. If failed, product can not be used because of hardened.
If you apply more than one can, you should prepare the mixing and do coating job one by one following the same repeated procedures.
2.While drying, keep it dry. Avoid snow, rain and water.
Dry timenormally 8~48 hours
Spring: about 12hours(15℃~25℃)
Summer: about 8hours (25℃~35℃)
Fall 12hours(15℃~25℃)
Winter 24~48hours(0℃~15℃)
Usable timeabout 20 minutes(Please spread as possible as fast within 20 minutes after mixing)
RollerDo not use other rollers except for designated one since it does not rolled well and also doesn't make unevenness.
Mixing Base Material and Hardener
Spreading with Trowel

After Removing tapes 1
Picture 2 Picture 3
Preperation for Applying at Marble Stairs
After Applying
Applied on Metal Stairs
Applied on Tile Ramp
Parking Lot
Metal Floor of a Factory 1
Metal Floor of a Factory 2
Wooden Bridge 1
Wooden Bridge 2
Seoul Subway
Fishery Market 1
Fishery Market2
Fishery Market3
Deagu Subway1
Deagu Subway2
Pakring Lot 1
Parking Lot 2
Parking Lot 3
Parking Lot
Wooden Bridge

- Keep it cool and ventilated places.
- DO NOT eat or inhale, and immediately wipe out when it is contacted on skin.