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"Claim for medical fee due to the slip-accident from bathroom of motel"
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Program [TV Law Court - 33rd round] - Broadcasted on 07.19. 2003
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Lawsuit for medical fee due to the slip-accident from motel
One day, client got two rooms in one motel and he was drunken a little to fall from bathroom tile result in breaking his rib. He thought they rightly had insurance for these accidents and requested for medical fee but they didn't have insurance and reject to pay for his medical fee since he slipped by his faults. In this case, Client requested for all medical fee and indemnity for psychological damage.

In other words, defendant claimed that accuser was already drunk and his was slipped by his fault. But he intended to prepare for accuser's injury to take some responsibility. In this time, both claims were not reached to agreement.

Accident occurred in motel which is used for many people, then how does the ratio of responsibility for each party?