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Main causes for accidents occurred in bathroom, Slip

In case study, slippery is main cause for accidents occurred in bathroom and public bath. This is because the floor of those are finished with slippery tile and always covered with water and soap. Slip causes light abrasion and sprain as well laceration and fracture. But it also causes severe damage to brain and drowning.

According to , total 1193 cases were reported for infant in 1998, and 81 out of them were suffered from abrasion, sprain, laceration and fracture. And it was 46.7% that the accidents for children less than 10 year old in 1999. In these cases, slip accidents were the most common.

In particularly, falling is 41% and slipping is 36%. Moreover the number 1 space for those occurred was bathroom. The old injured in bathroom was 1/4 of 257 and it was 154 only occurred from wetted floor.


1. It may be frequently occurred the slipping accidents since the surface of floor for bathroom is slippery.
1. So It should be removed the water and soap after washing.
1. It is safe not to use the products not-treated with slip-stop.

2. Pay attention not to flow water into the floor by using shower curtain.
1. In addition, use slippers with rough bottoms.

3. Establish the handles for grasping them in case of slipping, in particular bathtub.

4. It should be positioned near the room for the old that the bathroom installed with toilets.
1. Do not put obstacles in those paths considering for use toilet in night.
1. And install the switch for light in entrance.

5. Remove doorsill from frequently used bathroom.

6. Install emergency bell for requesting help in accidents.

7. Do not put sharp stuffs in bathroom for preventing 2nd injury in time of slipping.

8. Remove water from bathtub after using since children may easily be drowned to death.

According to , there is only "floor finishing should be done with concrete" and there is no directions for safety. Actually when we searched for related laws and regulations, we can only find "it should be finished with ceramic tile or floor tile"

- Source: Monthly Chosun