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Report for Public Bath
According to the report for '1991 public bath, most accidents were occurred from slipping.

"Slipping floor" was found to the most important causes of "injury in public bath".
The floor of most public bath is finished into tile and it gives the possibilities for slipping in case of unclean status. So it should be strengthened to use materials with high frictional coefficient, and the structure for bathtub should not have angle to reduce the grade of injury.
Actual conditions for injury
A. Injury types

Out of total 72 cases, it was 25.0% and 16.7 % of sprain and abrasion to be occurred in frequent.
Injury cases by types
Injury typeInjury casePercent (%)
Sprain 18 25.0
Burn 18 25.0
Abrasion 12 16.7
Laceration 9 12.5
Cutting 6 8.3
Wrench 6 8.3
Fracture 1 1.4
Etc. 2 2.8
total 72 100.0
B. Injured Region

Foot 44.0%(33 cases), hands 20.0%(15 cases), and face 12.0%(9cases).
CauseCasePercent (%)
Slipping floor 22 29.4
Hot water 12 16.0
Striking into sharp edges 7 9.3
Instant hot water though opening cold water outlet 6 8.0
Dangerous stuffs such as nail, glass, razor 5 6.7
Caught in the door 4 5.3
Fall over a facilities(doorsill) 4 5.3
Contact or colliding to water tap 3 4.0
In the middle of using disposable razor 3 4.0
Carelessness 3 4.0
Caught in other person by confusion 2 2.7
Miss use of water by No mark for hot/cold water 1 1.3
Contact or colliding to metal in sweating room 1 1.3
Etc. 2 2.7
Total 75 100.0
In those cases, it should be confirmed that the treatment of Slip-Stop in home or public facilities as well as public bath, and strengthened that the related regulations.

Source: Reports for [Actual conditions for dangerous accidents on household floor materials]