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Falling accident for the old

The slipping accidents for the old have become serious problem, it is 1/3 of the old aged more than 65(Hornbrook 1994; Hausdorff 2001), and there is a case for hospitalizing more than 5 times by slipping accident(Alexander 1992).

20-30% out of them suffered from severe injury and this injury gives rise to diminish or loss of social activity results in low independence(Alexander 1992).

It is expressed as a direct cost which paid out for injury caused by slipping. Direct payment and cost paid by insurance company for slipping injury is contained in direct cost. Professional medical service fee, rehabilitation service fee, charge for a medicine, and home rehabilitation treatment are Included in this direct cost(Englander 1996).

Slipping accident causes not only the consumption of direct dost but also the lowering of productivity or life quality. In recent data, it was 19,440 $ for the slipping accident occurred in the old aged over than 72(Rizzo 1998).
The total accidental cost for slipping of the old was $ 20.2 billion in 1994(Englander 1996), and it may be reached to 32.4 billion dollar in 2020(Englander 1996).
1. It is common to fracture in hip and shoulder and arm.

2. In 1986, the direct cost for fracture was $5.15 billion and $60 billion in 1996(Norris 1992).

3. According to the academic report, it may be reached to $45.2 billion in 1994 for fracture in post menopausal women (Chrischilles 1994).
Hip Fracture
1. The fracture for hip is most serious and it gives fatal effects on health to be reached to death.

2. According to the US statistics, 44% of hospitalized fractured patients related to hip fracture.

3. The number of hip fracture is Increased more and more in the old aged with 65 and it was Increased from 230,000 in 1988 to 338,000 in 1999 (Popovic, 2001). And it is thought that the patients with hip fracture may reached to 5000,000 by 2040(Cooper, 1992; Brainsky 1997).

4. The annual medical cost for hip fracture in 2004 may be reached on $240 billion (Schneider 1990).

Source : The National Injury Prevention and Control Center