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Product InformationLeading edge FLOOR SLIP-STOP

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It is common to hurt by sliding on slippery floors to give various safety accidents. This "TILE SLIP-STOP", developed from leading-edge, may easily and cheaply protect these accidents.
It may be applied to floors made by tile, marble, natural granite, ceramic, terrazzo and etc.

This is Korean products has acknowledged and exporting to worldwide (Reference: Opinions by an England agency)

It is easy to use for its spray form and it has low cost.

No remainders different from tape-type, so it is easily maintained.

Invisible tread makes Increase the frictional coefficient to protect slippery accidents.

Applicable Floors
It can be used in tile, natural granite, ceramic, terrazzo and etc., and it may protect slip from wet floors.
Typical Application
House, Hotel, Motel, Hospital, School, Building, Restaurant, Kitchen, Supermarket, Shopping Mall, Health Club, Asylum, Kindergarten, Bathroom, Pool, Public Building, Airport, Factory, and Library
How to Apply
1.Cleaning floors for grease, wax, and dirt using detergent and others. Wipe off waters or dry the floor surfaces.
2.Unscrew spray head, and remove inner packing for liquid spill-proof. Insert straw attached deep into the spray head hole. Then spray head is placed on the bottle and screw tightly.
3.Shake the bottle several times and spray TILE SLIP-STOP evenly over the floor surface and wait for standard time about 3 minutes.
4.Cleaning floor with brush or other means, and flush clean water for 2~3 times, and the application process is complete for effective anti-slip.
Example for Home
Example for Business Places
Products Information
Standard Time for treatment
Standard Time for treatment is about 3 minutes for home bathroom tile, but it may be changed by the materials. So please contact for detailed information.
Standard amount : 180㎖ for each 3.3㎡
5 Years
Periodically clean surface of floors in order to maintain slip-stop effect for a considerable length of time.
Q Mark based on QM Promotion Law
Usage Floor Slip Preventer
Principal Ingredient Surfactant
Acidity Weak acid
Liability Insurance for manufactured goods: 2 hundreds millions