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1. Pendulum TEST method by British
Slip Tester

[Pendulum Slip Tester approved by British HSE]
Slip test results for floor
2. Drag Slip Test by USA
Slip Tester
KMG INC. holds these equipments for self-quality management, SRV measuring, and after-managements
[ Drag Slip Tester of USA ]
Standards for slip (US)
= OSHA 1910/1926
= ANSI A1264.2
= NFPA 1901

Slip test results for floor
- Standard value based on US ADA, OSHA, UL, and ASTM -
Measured coefficient of friction Dangerous level
over 0.80 Very Safe
0.60 ~ 0.79 Safe
0.50 ~ 0.59 Relatively Safe
0.40 ~ 0.49 Dangerous
0.35 ~ 0.39 Very Dangerous
0.00 ~ 0.34 Unusually Dangerous
ADA:Americans with Disabilities Act / OSHA:Occupational Safety and Health Administration / ASTM:American society for Testing Materials
UL and ASTM(Normal) Over 0.5 may not cause slip for normal people
ADA MUST over than 0.6
After TILE SLIP-STOP 0.7 - 0,9
According to ASTM F 1679-96 for wet testing and ASTM C 1028-96, it was resulted not to over 0.5 that the coefficient of friction for wet floor without treatment of slip-protection product. As a result of that, so wetted floor has low coefficient of friction that normal people may easily slip on those floors.

Therefore it is best to treat slip-protection product onto floors have less than 0.5 of frictional coefficient.
Standard value based on US UL and ASTM